Sunday, September 09, 2007

mmm, burning

Last night several friends and I attended a festival at a local Greek Orthodox church. A Greek festival.

We were compelled to attend the festival after hearing tales of flaming cheese. I mean seriously - cheese AND fire? What's not to love? Granted I have partaken in flaming cheese before and never really been satisfied... but I assumed this time would be different. Because did I mention the parts about fire and cheese? Sadly my hopes and dreams were once again dashed against the sharp cliffs of reality. The cheese just wasn't that good. Wasn't that good! How can you screw up such a wonderful pairing?!?! Maybe by using bad cheese and then covering it with the juice of a lemon? I do feel that the concept is sound, I'd just like to see it broadened in scope. Let's try this with Cheddar. Let's try this with Gouda. While we're at it maybe we could even find something besides lemon juice to put the fire out (more cheese perhaps).

Naturally when I say "let's try" what I really mean is "please make for Mike to try". Until then I'll stick to the Greekstyle. Because really - cheese AND fire.

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Angela said...

Perhaps you could douse the flames with some quality bread. Think about it- melty yummy cheese, topped with a lightly flame-toasted slice of bread. Flip it over, and you've got tasty goodness.

I'll even make this for you! It will cost you one trip to Chicago... or Germany.