Thursday, August 31, 2006

So um hey, welcome back

Tuesday evening was the first night that I spent in my new place. Boxes scattered everywhere of course, but on the whole the scene was ideal. Before bed I sat out on the patio listening to crickets chirp - truly serene. Wed morning I wake up and have coffee on the patio while birds sing in the background. What a lovely idea it was to purchase a condo, whatever was I worried about?

So after a long day of moving I return to my new place around 11:30 pm. It's late but what the heck, decide to unwind with a beer on the patio (I like the patio). I'm sitting there making condo related plans and thinking about life in general (i.e. girls), when I hear a rustling in the nearby bushes. Excellent, I'll get to meet another of the neighborhood cats! Now I'm peering through the bushes trying to locate whatever is making the noise - here kitty kitty kitty. Rustling gets louder, bushes part and suddenly 10ft away there it is in all it's glory - white stripe almost glowing in the moonlight against the bushy black fur. Bad kitty, I think I'll slowly go inside now. Ease the slider door shut and breath a sigh of relief - and then proceed to turn off all the living room lights so I don't accidentally startle the thing. Interesting encounter, not the neighbor I had hoped for but what can you do.

Time for bed and I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth when I have encounter number two - a spider the size of a quarter sitting in the bathtub plotting to kill me. Seriously it had a whiteboard out and was brainstorming different ways to kill me, it was very frightening. If it wasn’t for the glass partition separating the bathtub from the rest of the bathroom I’d have been a goner for sure. With the glass providing a comforting illusion of safety I decided to let the spider be until morning – after all it had lived in the condo longer then I had (plus it scared me and if I had to go head to head with the thing there was no way I was going to do it in the black of night when it's powers were strongest). I was really hoping it would just go away nicely during the night - it didn't so we had to rumble this morning. Sure it was evil incarnate, but I had good on my side and the telephone book to prove it. Victory is mine.

Okay so two strikes against this place but what the heck, it's a beautiful day and life is good. Make coffee and proceed to the patio, wonderful times. Sip my coffee listening to the birds, the sprinklers, dogs barking quietly in the distance, the buzzing. The buzzing? Oh fun, a bee. And another bee. Look, lots of bees who like to hang out on my patio. Joy. So that's three plagues in less then 24 hrs - what the hell have I gotten myself into?