Monday, June 05, 2006

Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

I was thinking about gladiators today (try to find a way to twist that out of context why don’t you). Well not gladiators per say, that might have been a bit creepy. What I was really thinking about was the spinny kniffy thing on chariot wheels. I think this somehow needs to be adapted for bikes. First of all I freely acknowledge that Boulder is a bike friendly town – the variety of bike lanes offered here is pretty darn cool. Still, auto vs. bike incidents are bound to occur. In the past few weeks I’ve has two separate encounters where drivers (in large SUVs naturally) decided to make sharp right turns directly in front of me. In one instance locking the brakes and skidding sideways was the only reason I didn’t end up doing a face plant on the side of a Toyota 4-Runner. Now I’m not seriously thinking that bikes will ever be a significant contender in a Cars vs. Bikes cage match o’death. Still, the thought of two spinning blades of justice wreaking havoc (and war – can't have proper havoc without war) on the paint of their precious SUV might make some drivers think twice before cutting off another biker. Failing that at least the biker could take it like a man and go down fighting - you know, gladiator style.