Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mountain Biking North Carolina

Last night a friend of mine revealed that she might be moving to North Carolina. This would suck of course as I would miss her, but it sounds like it might be a good career/life move for her. Plus she is a very strong mountain biker, and NC has some incredible trails. Her talk of NC made me reminisce about my own mountain biking vacation to Pisgah, NC last year. We had an amazing time, and despite muddy trail conditions and a heck of a lot of rain we got in some of the best biking that I’ve ever experienced. Tight twisty single-track, climbs that keep on going and screaming descents that made all the climbing worthwhile. Plus we were smack dab in the Smokey Mountains – can you go wrong there? I love east coast riding! Just sitting here thinking about it has me wanting to get out and ride.

This year we’re planning to hit Fruita, CO for our big mountain bike trip. It’s a “short” drive for me (at least it’s better then the 13hr+ drive from MI to NC), so most likely the others will fly out to Denver and then we’ll head over from here. Since I’m close now I might try to hit it early to “preview” some of the trails so we know what we’re doing. Plus is there such thing as too much awesome mountain biking? I think not.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Girls Are Pretty

As I write this I am a relative newcomer to Colorado, having finally fled Michigan in the fall of 2005. This move was about 3+ years in the making, and although I do not regret the time spent in MI I am glad that I was finally able to pull everything together. Michigan is a great place - lots of excellent mountain biking and some gorgeous outdoor scenery. Really great friends. Still I have few regrets leaving it behind, and am excited to enter into a new part of my life. Hand in hand with the move was my desire to form my own production management company – break the yoke of corporate America and all that (or just catapult myself to the top of the ladder and become corporate America). In essence I will be doing much of the same sort of thing that I have done in the past - with the notable exception that I am offering my services directly rather then being on the payroll of a production house. The theory is that this method will allow me to make more money, while having more free time. Downside of course is that when I'm not out on a show working I won't be bringing money in, but I'm pretending not to acknowledge that fact for now.

In an effort to meet new (pretty female) people, I made a recent foray into the exciting world of online dating. What could this possibly have to do with my new (lack of) employment? Actually they have a one incredibly similar trait - the waiting. I have yet to decide which is worse - waiting for a pretty female to respond to my inquiry, or waiting for a potential employer to call me with work. Initial thoughts of course point toward work, as without it life is much harder to maintain. On the other hand girls are pretty. This is no easy dilemma, while I'm sure the answer is out there both sides have compelling arguments.

Hävdar att Verket

Right. So a new blog would seem to require a fancy starting entry - something to set the tone for the future. If I may be so bold I think I will steal a quote from Sun Tzu. I think you will find the following to be as true today as it was in the 2nd century BC.

"Advokater utan gränser hävdar att verket svarttlistat skickliga advokater och att dessa bara anlitas på flyktingarna initiativ. Organisationen är också kritisk till att Migrationsverket väljer de asylsökandes ombud och liknar situationen vid att en åklagare skulle välja den svarandes ombud. "

Welcome to my blog.