Friday, June 08, 2007

What I learned on my summer vacation

  • According to my friend Namehere the Asian Beatle is very pretty, but it bites. And that’s bad. I’ve always been extremely fond of pretty things that bite, so this was quite the revelation for me.
  • Sushi is good. Stupid sushi, now the cravings will start up again – and you know the night terrors won’t be far behind.
  • Thai food kicks ass, and they do it right in Chicago.
  • Repeat ↑, but use the words Chinese, Italian and Indian. Especially Indian.
  • Apparently all I did was eat while I was in Chicago.
  • Might as well add ice cream to the list as well.
  • Photo Assignment: Chicago is cool.
  • Zoos pictures are more fun with a telephoto lens…

  • Then without…

  • But that doesn’t mean all is lost.

  • Family.
  • Three Times! Makes for an amusing story, but seriously what the hell.
  • Photoshop is awesome, and I know nothing about it. Or at least not enough about it. But now I can do this thing where stuff glows. Or doesn’t glow. Either way something definitely will or won’t happen when I use layers.
  • Instead of keeping honey inside of a plastic bear, keep it inside of a glass container. Then if the honey crystallizes and has to be tossed in the microwave it will still taste like honey, instead of tasting like cancer.

And that’s what I learned on my summer vacation.
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Che said...
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Emily DeWan Photography said...

mmmm..... cancer flavored honey

Angela said...

That happens to be my favorite flavor of honey!

You're missing a few great Chicago cuisines- Greek, Ethiopian, Swedish... I think you should come back for more.