Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Moral Compass

A few weeks back Boulder experienced extremely heavy gusts, 60+ mph type stuff (I’m making the 60+ part up, but the mph is true). I remember this well because it all went down the night that I was scheduled to fly back to Boulder, and as a result I spent way too much time in O’Hare (on the plus side, I now know of a nice little beer kiosk located between two terminals – perfect for when the real bars are packed).

Anyway several beers later the wind dies down and I am able to catch a flight home. The next morning I step onto my patio, and discover that a planter box has blown into my garden. It’s a rather nice hanging planter box actually, and I assume someone must be missing it. Naturally I wish to do the right thing, so after a few days of laziness I place the planter in a high-traffic outdoor area near our mailboxes. This was weeks ago (maybe), and by now I feel it safe to assume that everyone in the surrounding condos has seen the planter box. The planter box that is still there. Now this is a pretty cool planter box, and if no one else wants it I might as well claim it for my own. Be my moral compass Internet, has it been long enough that I can make the planter my own?


Emily DeWan Photography said...

Only after you've gone door to door with photos of this planter, begging everyone to help you find the owner. And be sure to take out an ad in all local papers asking for the real owner to come forward.

R. J. said...

The Internet has no morals, obviously. Take the planter box and give it a good home.