Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Spanish Fly

This past Monday I did what I assume every self-respecting, self-employed person does when faced with a new work week – duck out early and go for a road ride. I was joined by my friend Jenny, who is currently training for a triathlon (stupid sprinters). Jenny is also self-employed, although judging by the quality and quantity of work coming out of her design firm these days I think it’s safe to say that she’s a bit more earnest in her endeavors (we all have our faults). Anyway we wrap up our fairly respectable thirty mile ride around 5pm. Like all good athletes in training we wish to replenish the nutrients our bodies used during the ride, so we point our bikes toward Illegal Pete’s in search of recovery beer & tortilla chips. Mmm, recovery beer.

Arriving at Illegal Pete’s we lock down our bikes and stake claim to a table on the patio bordering Pearl Street (a major pedestrian thoroughfare). Since we went directly from the ride to the bar, my friend and I are both attired in biking gear – specifically bike jerseys and lycra bike shorts. I thought nothing of this at the time; hell if I can wear bike shorts into a convenience store in backwoods northern Michigan where the very sight of lycra inspires banjo music straight out of Deliverance, wearing bike shorts in Boulder, Colorado certainly isn’t going to be an issue. So there we are hanging out eating chips and drinking recover beer, when I begin to notice a strange phenomenon. We’re getting checked out - constantly. I can’t recall the last time I received so many smiles, giggles, sideways glances, etc. After passing with a smile, one girl even went so far as to turn around for a second look… and then wave at me when our eyes met. I tend not to notice guys (pillars), but I’m sure Jenny must have been experiencing similar events (because really, duh). Could this be the holy grail I’ve been looking for? Obviously females attract our attention through the use of revealing clothing (or just by being alive really), do jerseys & lycra bike shorts have a similar effect on girls? For the sake of everyone out there I certainly hope not, but it does make you think.

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Angela said...

LOVE the coordinating photo! :)

I might have to see this spandex show before making a judgement call.