Monday, November 27, 2006

What's black and white, and read all over?

Today I splattered a meat-based tomato sauce (homemade from scratch of course) all over my Moosewood cookbook. It’s going to taste delicious.


Mike said...

I've never commented on my own post before, but holy freaking crap. That was the best damn pasta sauce I've EVER had. Seriously. My kitchen looks like a communist Dalmatian (red spots everywhere) and I have no idea what I put in the sauce so I’ll never make it again, but damn. Damn.

Oh yeah, communist Dalmatian isn’t that interesting. Sadly I’m bored and wish not to spend anymore time thinking, so I’m letting it past proofing. Still if you have a better idea (must include a Dalmatian and red spots) let me know. Cause I like the concept, but didn’t drive it home. And I want to. Drive it home. It being the concept of course. Home.

safed_chuha said...

Dalmation with ebola?